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The Complete Guide to Solar Panels


What is the average installation fee?

Typically, your solar panel system quote will already include the installation costs after the rebate. Therefore, you should beware of any company that charges extra to install your solar panel system. It is also worth noting that all solar panel system installations have to be done by certified installers.

When do solar panels start paying for themselves?

It usually takes about four years for your solar panel system to generate the electricity production value to cover the initial cost. But, of course, if your house isn't a large house and your solar panels are small units, the time will be shorter. Four years might feel like a long time, but keep in mind that they come with a warranty of 25 years, making it possible for you to save money for years to come. Also, if you invest in a battery for additional electric storage, you can cut your electricity bill to a minimum.

Will I save money if I get a solar panel system?

It is normal to doubt whether getting a solar panel system is worthwhile since it is quite a large outlay. However, given that your solar panel system comes with a warranty of 25 years and will pay for itself within four years, it is most definitely a significant investment in the long run, especially if you consider how high electricity rates are.

How many solar panels do I need to power my home?

The amount of solar panels you need to power your home adequately depends on how large your house is and how much electricity you use. The size of your roof also plays a part in how many solar panels you can have. Most rooftops can accommodate about 24 solar panels, and larger rooftops can host up to 40 panels. Consult your installer to find out more about the best solar panel system for your home and requirements.

Solar panels in Florida have become more popular over the last few years. Raising electricity bills make everyone desperate to find an alternative way to cut costs. A solar panel system seems to be the solution to this problem. But, do solar panel benefits justify giving them a spot in the sun, or are their advantages exaggerated?

What is the average cost of solar panels?

The cost of solar panels continues to decrease, leading to many homeowners wondering whether they should invest in a solar panel system. But how much do they cost? Choosing the solar panel system that is right for your home depends greatly on how much energy you use and how large your house is. Another factor is the quality of your solar panel system. There are several brands available today that come at different costs. However, we can offer a rough estimation. Solar panel costs for installing a 10-kilowatt system suitable for a house range between 17,000 and 23,000 USD. Each solar panel per watt costs between 2 and 3 USD.


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Is it better to wait before investing in solar panels in case they become cheaper?

As time passes, solar panels are indeed becoming cheaper. But, does this mean you should wait? No, there is no reason to wait until later because electricity costs continue to rise in America. Therefore, it makes sense to invest in solar panels in Florida and all over the United States and start taking advantage of this incredible way to produce energy. This graph shows how the cost of solar panels have dropped over the past 10 years.

Should I have a battery installed if I use a lot of power at night?

If you are using a large amount of power at night, installing a battery along with your solar panel system is a good idea. Although this will come at an extra cost, it will be worth it because you'll be able to use power at night without fear of running up your electricity bill.


Unfortunately, many people think that having a solar panel system means you have an electricity bill of zero. However, your solar panels get the opportunity to produce electricity when the sun is out. That means that unless you have a battery for storage, you are still paying for the electricity you use at night. By installing a battery, you get to enjoy the electricity produced during the day, any time of the day or night.

Are there any hidden costs or drawbacks when it comes to solar panel systems?

Before committing to the idea of getting a solar panel system, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. First, if you rent the house you live in, a solar panel system won't be an option. Statistics show that as many as 43% of households in the US rent their homes, which means those households won't be able to get solar panel systems. In addition, not all homes have roofs that are suitable for solar panels systems. For example, if your home's roof is exceptionally steep or is mostly covered in the shade, it isn't recommended to get a solar panel system. Now, let's suppose that you own the house you live in, and the roof is perfectly adequate. Are there any hidden costs for solar panel systems? Yes, these are the hidden costs:


  • Complicates moving and selling your house

If you need to relocate, having a solar panel system installed on your roof might make selling your house more difficult. Not everyone who is in the market for a home is interested in a solar panel system.


  • Potential damage to your roof and covering insurance premiums

Solar panels must be firmly attached to protect against natural elements such as wind, snow, and rain. This process needs to be done correctly to avoid any damage done to your roof.


Although it is common for solar panel systems to be covered by the homeowner's standard insurance policies, most homeowners prefer to boost the amount of coverage on their home because of the increased costs of a solar panel system. Unfortunately, this might result in a higher premium.


  • Costs of maintaining your solar panel system

Anyone considering a solar panel system should know that there are maintenance costs. Therefore, most people prefer to invest in a battery system that adds to the initial price but is worth the expense. In addition, having your solar system panel inspected annually costs 150 USD per year. If you prefer to have an annual cleaning to ensure your solar panel remains free of dust and debris, this service costs you about 20 USD per panel. Some solar panel system owners are more than happy to venture up there themselves for cleaning, but this should always be done safely.


Are there any factors that affect the cost of your solar panel system?

  • How much electricity you use

It makes sense that the more electricity you use, the bigger your solar panel system needs to be to keep up with your demand. Large families typically tend to use more power and therefore require a more extensive solar panel system. This shouldn't deter large families from investing in a solar panel system, though, since large families run up the electricity bills to incredible amounts monthly. These large families can enjoy great savings once they have installed the solar panel system and the battery for storage.


  • Where your home is located

If you are far away from the city, it might affect the cost. However, if you are getting solar panels in Florida, you will have no trouble with this. Reliable, certified installers are just a phone call away.


  • The quality of your solar panels

The brand of your solar panel can make a big difference in the cost of your solar panel system. Talk to your installer about good affordable brands.


  • How complicated your installation is

Homes don't fit a standard mold, and so the installation of the solar panel systems will differ, too. If you live in a house with two levels, it makes sense that it will take longer than a house that has only a single floor. When it comes to installation costs, the duration of labor is taken into account. The good news is that the labor costs never outweigh the hardware costs, so even if your home is considered to be a more complicated one, the labor cost won't be unbearable.

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Should I consider installing my solar panel system by myself?

Many people consider doing it themselves to save money. However, this isn't a good idea, and it should be avoided. It can be a hazardous process, so getting a certified installer is worth the cost.

What are the benefits of getting a solar panel system?

  • Lowers your electricity bill

Switching to solar power makes a massive difference in your monthly electricity costs, especially if you invest in a battery for night use. Solar panels in Florida can bring homeowners' electricity bills down considerably.


  • It dramatically improves your home's value.

It has been estimated that a solar panel system improves your home's value by at least 4%.


  • It reduces your carbon footprint.

Having a solar panel system provides your home with a natural, clean, and renewable energy source that results in reduced CO2 emissions.


  • Rising electricity costs don't matter.

If you have invested in a solar panel system and a battery for storage, you don't have to sweat about the rising electricity costs.

What are the benefits of getting a solar panel system?

A solar panel system makes it possible to utilize the sun's energy for more than just a tan. Instead, you can enjoy natural and clean energy produced within your home. By investing in a solar panel system, you give yourself and your family renewable energy that will put a smile on your face. 



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